Dahl Marketing provided copywriting services for Progressive Medical's website, collateral, and direct mail campaigns. Design by Norstar Group

In this digital world you will not survive without optimized web copywriting, eye-ball grabbing direct mail and action-inspiring video marketing. But we want you to do more than survive, we want you to thrive. We’ll make it easy for you. We’ll write it, shoot it, produce it and deliver it via social media; faster than you can say… “Who makes money with social media anyway?”

Dahl Marketing blends the creative process with business realities to deliver optimized marketing tools that increase rankings, driver traffic, convert leads, and put some cash in your pocket.

What in the World Makes us Unique?

1. We’re Easy. We’re easy to work with – we do what we say we will do. And… we’ve been known to make getting things done, fun.

2. We’re Fast. We won’t speed past quality control but we know your time is money. Our creative and production are under one roof so the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. And… when the right hand and the left hand come together, it’s called applause. We hear a lot of that around here.

3. We’re Affordable. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not cheap but since we don’t do everything under the sun for every Tom, Dick, and Mary we save you a ton of time and help you avoid a lot of hassles. That efficiency adds up to Cost-Effective Behaviors. Or, for you governmental types – CEBs.

4. We’re Unlimited. Our imagination is unlimited but our time isn’t. Although the Internet marketing gurus have created the illusion that creative marketing solutions are a dime-a-dozen, the reality is this:  Sustainable and effective creative takes sustainable and effective relationships. Our best work comes when the best heads come together. You might want to put on a helmet before you come over.

Here’s a recent video marketing project we did  for an amazing traffic building program called Synnd:

Learn more at Synnd.com.